Practice and Learn

1Finding ratios
2Equivalent ratios (1)
3Comparing three quantities
4Equivalent ratios (2)
5Equivalent ratios (3)
6Expressing ratio in simplest form
7Expressing ratios as fractions (1)
8Expressing ratios as fractions (2)
9Expressing ratios as fractions (3)
10Ratio and triangles
11Word problems (1)
12Word problems (2)
13Word problems (3)
14Word problems (4)
15Expressing percentages as fractions (1)
16Expressing percentages as fractions (2)
17Expressing decimals as percentage
18Expressing fractions as percentage (1)
19Percentage of a given quantity (1)
20Percentage of a given quantity (2)
21Percentage of a given quantity (3)
22Percentage of a given quantity (4)
23Percentage increase and decrease (1)
24Percentage increase and decrease (2)
25Percentage discount
26Percentage equations
27Percentage whole and part