Practice and Learn

1Addition of unit fractions
2Addition of unlike fractions - mixed numbers (1)
3Addition of unlike fractions - mixed numbers (2)
4Addition of unlike fractions - improper fractions (1)
5Addition of mixed numbers (1)
6Subtraction of unlike fractions (1)
7Subtraction of unlike fractions
8Subtraction of unlike fractions (2)
9Subtraction of mixed numbers (1)
10Multiplication of proper fractions
11Multiplication of improper fractions (1)
12Multiplication of mixed numbers (1)
13Multiplication of mixed numbers (2)
14Multiplication of a mixed number by a whole number
15Fractions as division equations
16Division equations as fractions (1)
17Division equations as fractions (2)
18Division equations as improper fractions
19Division equations as mixed numbers
20Fractions as decimals (1)
21Fractions as decimals (2)
22Mixed numbers as decimals
23Word problems with bar models