Practice and Learn

1Adding hundreds and thousands
2Adding thousands
3Place value addition (without regrouping)
4Place value addition (with regrouping)
5Addition without regrouping (1)
6Addition with regrouping (1)
7Addition without regrouping (2)
8Addition with regrouping (2)
9Complete the equation (without regrouping)
10Complete the equation (with regrouping)
11Addition with bar models
12Mental addition (without regrouping)
13Mental addition (with regrouping)
14Word problems with bar models (1)
15Word problems with bar models (2)
16Subtracting hundreds from thousands
17Subtracting thousands
18Subtraction without regrouping (1)
19Subtraction with regrouping (1)
20Subtraction without regrouping (2)
21Subtraction with regrouping (2)
22Complete the equation (1)
23Complete the equation (2)
24Complete the equation (3)
25Missing numbers - without regrouping
26Missing numbers - with regrouping
27Mental subtraction (1)
28Mental subtraction (2)
29Subtraction with bar models
30Word problems with bar models (1)
31Word problems with bar models (2)
32Finding products
33Multiplying by 10
34Multiplying by 100
35Multiplying by 1000
36Missing numbers
37Multiplying by a 1-digit number (1)
38Multiplying by a 1-digit number (2)
39Multiplying by a 1-digit number (3)
40Multiplying by a 2-digit number (1)
41Multiplying by a 2-digit number (2)
42Multiplying by a 2-digit number (3)
43Multiplying 3 numbers
44Word problems with bar models
45Division without remainder (1)
46Division equations without remainder (1)
47Division without remainder (2)
48Division equations without remainder (2)
49Division equations with remainder (1)
50Division equations with remainder (2)
51Division equations with remainder (3)
52Division with remainder (1)
53Division with remainder (2)
54Word problems with bar models