Practice and Learn

1Writing decimals (tenths)
2Tenths on a number line (1)
3Tenths on a number line (2)
4Fractions as decimals (tenths)
5Fractions as decimals (1)
6Fractions as decimals (2)
7Place value of digits (tenths)
8Converting to wholes and tenths
10Converting to tenths
11Decimal place value (tenths)
12Decimal place value (hundredths)
13Decimals as fractions (tenths)
14Comparing decimals (tenths)
15Expressing length in decimals
16Expressing mass in decimals
17Measurements as decimals (tenths)
18Writing decimals (hundredths)
19Hundredths on a number line (1)
20Decimal place value (thousandths)
21Comparing decimals (hundredths)
22Place value of digits (hundredths)
23Decimals as fractions (hundredths)
24Fractions as decimals (hundredths)
25Measurements as decimals (hundredths)
26Place value of digits (thousandths)
27Comparing decimals (thousandths)
28Measurements as decimals (thousandths)
29Decimals as mixed numbers
30Fractions as decimals (thousandths)
31Decimals as fractions (thousandths)
32Rounding to whole numbers (tenths)
33Rounding to whole numbers - tenths (2)
34Rounding to whole numbers (hundredths)
35Rounding to tenths
36Rounding to whole numbers - hundredths (2)
37Rounding to one decimal place
38Rounding to two decimal places
39Rounding to hundredths