Practice and Learn

1Write in numerals
2Write in words
3Building numbers with place values
4Place value chart (1)
5Place value chart (2)
6Place value shapes (1)
7Place value shapes (2)
8Base 10 sets place value (1)
9Base 10 sets place value (2)
10Value of place digits (1)
11Addition of place values (1)
12Value of place digits (2)
13Addition of place values (2)
14Less than and more than
15Comparing place value charts (1)
16Comparing place value charts (2)
17Smaller and greater
18Smallest and greatest
19Arrange the numbers
20Make the smallest or greatest number
21Count on a number line
22What number comes next? (1)
23What number comes next? (2)
24What’s the missing number? (1)
25What’s the missing number? (2)
26What are the missing numbers? (1)
27Place value abacus (1)
28Place value abacus (2)
29Place value abacus (3)